Homework Expectations

At Reremoana School homework is an important part of the learning programme and reflects work that is occurring in the classroom. It is expected for year levels 3-4 that homework requires; Reading and 15 mins of other activities per night (up to 60 mins per week)

Homework will be handed out on Monday and is due back into the homework box for marking on Friday. 

Homework will consist of maths, reading, spelling and related topic activities. A ‘can do’ sheet will also be available for students to do once they have completed their ‘must do’ homework.  ‘Can do’ sheets will be glued into the front of the homework book once stationery has been purchased.

 The weekly spelling words will also be tested in class on Fridays. Students will record their results on a graph in their homework books

Room 12
Week 4, Term 3
Homework is due on Friday
Don’t forget to practise your spelling words every night.
·    Remember a good way to learn your spelling words is to write each word out 5 times and say each letter out loud as you write it.
·    Get someone at home to test you.
·    Find the meaning of 5 of your words in the dictionary or online dictionary http://dictionary.reference.com/

Cultural Diversity Performance
In week 4 Term 4, Reremoana School will be having a whole school ‘Cultural Diversity Performance’. Each class has chosen a country/culture to focus on, Room 12 will be focusing on Scotland!
Before we can put a 5min performance together, we would like to know more about Scotland and the Scottish culture. If you can help us in any way to learn more about Scotland, your help will be much appreciated. If you would like to come in and talk to Room 12, show a dance, teach us a song etc please email me to set up a time.  rachelj@reremoana.school.nz

Please log onto Mathletics each day to do the class challenge. www.mathletics.co.nz

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