Gala Activities

Gala Activities

Yr 4 students- Cardboard Creatures

Your gala activity this year is to make a cardboard creature. At home start collecting pieces of cardboard, card, toilet rolls etc to create an imaginative creature.  On a spare page in you homework book please design your creature and label it with the different materials you will need.  I will let you know soon when to bring in your materials.
Remember you are making the cardboard creature at school not at home.

Yr 3 Students-Photo frames

Your gala activity this year is to decorate a photo frame. Start thinking of a theme for your frame and start collecting bits and pieces that you could glue onto a frame i.e.. shells/ beads/ stickers etc. .  I will let you know soon when to bring in your materials. 

Jolly Jars

To help support our gala it would be great if you could make a Jolly Jar. At home find a clean  plastic lidded  jar e.g. marmite, peanut butter. Decorate your jar so you can’t see what is inside it and then fill it with small goodies such as lollies, marbles, toy cars etc. Bring your Jolly Jar to school when it is completed, don’t forget to make sure the bottom of the jar is also covered!

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