Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Information Report

WALT: write an information report on our favourite animal
Dogs are great pets because they are easy to look after.

What dogs look like:
They have all kinds of shapes on their body. Dogs are very fluffy and cute.They have four legs and a fluffy tail.

Why dogs make a good pet:
They are adorable and easy to look after.In the morning or night you have to let them go outside so they
don't wet your bed.

How to take care of a dog;
You can feed them left overs  (food from last night or the day before) you can feed them tuna, fish and other kinds of meat.

By Delilah.


Germany is a place for people to have fun and learn a different language along the way.

Having a nice dinner:
In Germany if you have a pet they can come in like if you have a dog.
 A waiter will come get your pet a water bowl and food bowl and a chair.
The food there is very delicious and heathy.

Splash splash!                                            
The water parks in Germany they have huge slides and deep pools.
Also long diving boards they also have long ropes.
The deep pools are about 4 meters down.

We need food:
Sometimes if you need food it can be joint to a cafe and a bakery.
They also have yummy food and ice cream.
In some stores they have great advice magazines swell.

In Germany if your sick on Wednesday you can't go to the doctors until Thursday because the doctors have a one day holiday.
The medicine there is yuck but good for you when you take it.
If you get something like a sore throat the doctor might give you some popsicles for it.

By Aaliyah