Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spring Is Here Poems

        Spring is here
        Spring is here
           Birds  fly  back  from  the  trip
           to  find  sunshine.
             Our  native  birds go  and  play
            in  the  sunny  trees  and  sunny  sky.
          Collecting  food  to  eat.

         Spring is here
         People  go  to  have  picnics  at    
         lakes , rivers  and  ponds.
                   Eating  fruits, cakes and sandwiches.            

            Spring  is  here
          I  go  outside  and collect
           flowers to make flower  art  
               for  my  family and friends. 

By  Scarlet  Maiah  Weir

spring is here

spring is here
flowers begin to bloom
pink, white, red and yellow.
people pulling out the
winter weeds.

spring is here
In spring I see
leaves growing back
from trees.
In spring I see
people walking down
to the diary to
buy ice cream.

spring is here
In spring I hear
people in their back
yard playing with their
spring is here
In spring I taste
home made cookies
in my mouth.
I taste lots of
juicy apples In my

By Jackson

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