Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yr 4 Gala Activities

Last Thursday all the Yr 4 students from Tui Team spent part of the day making cardboard creatures for the gala. There were some really creative and well planned creatures that the students created throughout the day. Here are a few photos of Room 12 students making their cardbaord creatures.

 Aaliyah making a sheep from a toilet rool, iceblock sticks and cotton balls. 

 Delilah creating a creature from an egg carton.

 Katie busy cutting out the parts for her cardboard creature. 

 Kalush and his cardboard dinosaur. 

 Emma using a range of different cardboard boxes to amke her creature. 

 Ali busy cutting out his creature. 
 Brodi and Mia 

 Brodi painting her ocean blue octopus!

 Kalush busy painting his dinosaurs.

 Stacia painting her creative creature!

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