Thursday, 20 March 2014

Boring Sentence Activity

WALT: Make our writing more descriptive.

A bird is sitting on a branch

A black nervious bird is sitting on a wavey bendy branch swaying side to side. His feathers on his wings are trying to escape because the wind was howling very strong and very loud.

By Delilah.

A Tui bird is sitting on an Oak tree. The branchas are dancing in the wind slowly and quietly. Calmly the Tui is sitting in its nest.

By Katy

A Pukeko is sitting on a thin old brunch. The dark green leaves fell off from the howling wind. The leaves were rusting up.

By Samantha

A fantail is sitting on an Evergreen tree branch. The wind is swifting through the air and the fantail tries to hold on to the branch from the strong wind.

By Joshua                                                                                                                                          

A Blue Bird is sitting on a small branch. The wind is howling in the moon light . The rain is  pouring down.
by  travis

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