Tuesday, 25 February 2014



Yr 3/4 students have the opportunity to access a really fun and educational maths programme 'Mathletics' which helps to consolidate learning in mathematics, as it relates to what is being taught in the classroom. I will set must do tasks each week on Mathletics for the children to do at home. 
There is fee for 1 years access to Mathletics (which was part of the stationery list). If you haven't already please pay the $30 fee at the office before the end of term 1 otherwise your child will no longer have access to use the programme. 


Please make sure your child is bringing their bookbag to school each day. Students aren't allowed to take reading and library books home without protecting them in a bookbag. If your child has lost their bookbag they can  bring a plastic bag to school to take reading and library books home. 


Terms 1 and 4 are sun safety terms, please ensure your child is bringing their Reremoana School hat to school each day so they can participate in outside learning. 

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