Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fun in week 10

Fun in Week 10!
Monday- Christmas activities and water fight!
Instead of doing Tui Team sport we’ll be having a Tui Team water fight! Please bring a change of clothes, a towel and any water balloons or water guns you have at home.

Tuesday- We will be continuing to do Christmas activities but we’ll also be having a games day. Please bring in any board games that you would like to play. I’ll bring my Xbox Kinect!

Wednesday- We’ll be having a shared lunch on Wednesday 17th  to celebrate the end the term. Please bring a small plate of food to contribute to our Christmas lunch! 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Telling the time

In Room 12 WALT: Tell the time using an analogue clock.

Try these websites for some fun 'telling the time' online games!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

EOTC Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 28th) is the last day for EOTC payments. Some students have handed in their permission slip but have not paid online yet. Please make sure all of these are up to date by Friday. 
If you are able to help with the Amazing race activities please let me know. We are still needing a few more parents for this day. 


Tui Team Rooms 12, 13,17 and 18
EOTC Programme - 8th of December - 12th of December
Monday 8th
Tuesday 9th
Wednesday 10th
Thursday 11th
Friday 12th

M.O.T.M -Eastern Beach (9am - 3pm)
Rooms 13 and 17
Student Led Conferences no EOTC activities this day. 

M.O.T.M -Eastern Beach (9am - 3pm)
Rooms 12 and 18
Amazing Race
Rooms 12,13,17 and 18
Clay Day
Rooms 12,13,17 and 18

Eastern Beach:
Students will be participating in a range of fun and challenging activities at Eastern Beach. 

Activities will include; Paddle Games, Kayaking, Kite Making, Archery, and Cooperative Games. The students will be transported to and from Eastern Beach via bus. 

We will need 9 parent helpers from Rooms 13 and 18  for Monday and 9 parent helpers for Rooms 12 and 18 for Wednesday. 

Amazing Race: 
In teams you will face obstacles, crush challenges and solve puzzles as you race around Wattle Downs.

Eat food you never thought you would eat, push your body to the limit and rack your brain to be the first to complete these challenges, make it to the pit stop and become the winner of tHe amazing race wattle downs.

We will need around 12 parents to help with supervision and activities for this day.

Tui Team Clay Day
The Tui Team will be completing a one-day visual arts unit using modelling clay at school on 12/12/14.  All materials will be provided.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bio Poem

kind,helpful,bubbly and talkative.
Sibling of Lucy Ella.
Lover of family,talking and toys.
Who feels scared when dark is around me happy when I am around my family and people.who gives cuddles friendship and love.
Who fears the dark,spiders and hairdressers.
Who would you like to see Katy perry,figi and California.
Who lives 10 scotsmoor dr Wattle Downs

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tui Team Celebration

As part of our Tui team celebration last Friday, we showed the whole school a new Jump Jam song called 'Chocolatte'. Everyone joined in and had lots of fun learning the new moves to the song.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Guy Fawkes Poems

On  the 5th  of november at  
fireworks  light  the  night   sky.

I  can see  colours  
red, green, yellow,orange and pink 
shooting  up  to  the  clouds.

I can hear Fireworks   
bang, fizz,whizz, zoom and pop  
They whoosh to the sky and explode in  the  air!

What  a  great  Guy Fawkes  
I'm  ready for  another  one.

By Dylan

Saturday, 1 November 2014


This term the Pukeko and Tui Teams are participating in Taekwon-do as part of our health and PE curriculum. Each Wednesday, Lianna from The International Taekwon-do Foundation takes each class for 45mins. Lianna teaches the students a range of  Taekwon-do techniques as well as teaching them self discipline and commands in Korean.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Information Report

WALT: write an information report on our favourite animal
Dogs are great pets because they are easy to look after.

What dogs look like:
They have all kinds of shapes on their body. Dogs are very fluffy and cute.They have four legs and a fluffy tail.

Why dogs make a good pet:
They are adorable and easy to look after.In the morning or night you have to let them go outside so they
don't wet your bed.

How to take care of a dog;
You can feed them left overs  (food from last night or the day before) you can feed them tuna, fish and other kinds of meat.

By Delilah.


Germany is a place for people to have fun and learn a different language along the way.

Having a nice dinner:
In Germany if you have a pet they can come in like if you have a dog.
 A waiter will come get your pet a water bowl and food bowl and a chair.
The food there is very delicious and heathy.

Splash splash!                                            
The water parks in Germany they have huge slides and deep pools.
Also long diving boards they also have long ropes.
The deep pools are about 4 meters down.

We need food:
Sometimes if you need food it can be joint to a cafe and a bakery.
They also have yummy food and ice cream.
In some stores they have great advice magazines swell.

In Germany if your sick on Wednesday you can't go to the doctors until Thursday because the doctors have a one day holiday.
The medicine there is yuck but good for you when you take it.
If you get something like a sore throat the doctor might give you some popsicles for it.

By Aaliyah

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Spring Is Here Poems

        Spring is here
        Spring is here
           Birds  fly  back  from  the  trip
           to  find  sunshine.
             Our  native  birds go  and  play
            in  the  sunny  trees  and  sunny  sky.
          Collecting  food  to  eat.

         Spring is here
         People  go  to  have  picnics  at    
         lakes , rivers  and  ponds.
                   Eating  fruits, cakes and sandwiches.            

            Spring  is  here
          I  go  outside  and collect
           flowers to make flower  art  
               for  my  family and friends. 

By  Scarlet  Maiah  Weir

spring is here

spring is here
flowers begin to bloom
pink, white, red and yellow.
people pulling out the
winter weeds.

spring is here
In spring I see
leaves growing back
from trees.
In spring I see
people walking down
to the diary to
buy ice cream.

spring is here
In spring I hear
people in their back
yard playing with their
spring is here
In spring I taste
home made cookies
in my mouth.
I taste lots of
juicy apples In my

By Jackson

Monday, 15 September 2014

D- Doing good because good is good to do.

Doing good because good is good to do. 

Doing good at school:

1) open the door for someone.

2) help someone when they are hurt.

3) let someone play with you.

4) pick up rubbish of the floor.

Doing good around the community

1) Help an animal when it is hurt.

2) help someone that you don't know.

3) give poor people some money.

Doing good at home

1) help your mum when she is sick.

2) water  the plants for your dad.

By Katie 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Michael showing Room 12 the bagpipes

Thanks Michael for showing Room 12 the bagpipes and telling us the history of them. Room 12 enjoyed learning about the different parts of the bagpipes and hearing the loud but beautiful sound they make.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Highland Fling

Watch Emma give step by step instruction on how to perform the 'Highland Fling'.

Calendar Art

Room 12 have been working hard on their calendar this term. The artwork 'Fantastic Felines' is based on the artist Laurel Burch. To see find out about Laurel Burch please click onto the link below

Sunday, 31 August 2014

B-Be Respectful

Room 12 have brainstormed all the ways that they can be respectful towards others, towards the environment and towards equipment. Here are some examples Room 12 came up with on how to be respectful in different areas around the school. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Coulter's Candy Song

As part of our 'Diversity' focus we are learning a Scottish children's song called Coulter's Candy. Here is a link to the lyrics if you would like to practise singing it at home.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Researching Our Cultural Backgrounds

Thank you to all the students who did their homework and found out about their cultural background. We had so much fun on Friday when each student shared the '5 senses of their culture'. A big thank you to all the parents for your support with the homework task.

Te Reo

In Room 12 we have been learning how to say our colours and body parts in Maori. We made a life-size picture of Samantha which we labelled as a class. We have been playing a fun game where we have to match our body parts up with a colour from around the room.  For example the caller might say "Ringa Ringa Ma" and everyone would need to hands on something white.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Email Address Reminder

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please email me using the address below.  My email address is still under my maiden name rachelj not rachelb.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Reminder-O.K Krew

Just a reminder that the payment of $5 to see the O.K Krew performance will need to be paid by the 24th July (First Thursday of Term 3). All students from The Pukeko, Tui and Kereru Teams are welcome to attend. 

O.K.Krew are straight off the back of their success on New Zealand's Got Talent and the best of us are touring their new School Show Tane Rore - God of Haka for 2014.
O.K Krew in action on NZ Got Talent!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Persuasive Writing- Persuasive arguments based on fairytales.

Based on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Do you think Goldilocks should or shouldn't have entered the Bears' house?

We've all heard of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bear, well do you think Goldilocks should of entered the house? I think Goldilocks shouldn't of.

Firstly, Goldilocks shouldn't of entered the Three Bears house because she ate Baby Bear's porridge. She shouldn't of eaten his food without permission.

Secondly, Goldilocks shouldn't of entered the Three Bears house without permission. When Goldilocks walked inside the house she made the Three Bears very angry because she kept touching everything.

Finally, Goldilocks shouldn't of entered the Three Bears house because when she sat on Baby Bears chair she broke it. and Baby Bear is sad now and has no chair. 

So that's why I think Goldilocks shouldn't of entered the Three Bears house becuase she ate their porridge, made the Bear's angry because she entered their house and she ended up making Baby Bear angry and cry by breaking Baby Bear's chair.

By Mia

We all know the story of  Goldilocks and the Three Bear, do you think Goldilocks should of entered the house? Well I think Goldilocks should of goe inside the house.

Firstly, it was raining and Goldilocks was lost in the forest she needed somewhere dry and the front door of the house was left wide open.

Secondly, Goldilocks was so hungry she couldn't help but eat the porridge and she didn't mean to break Bay Bear's chair, it was an accident.

Thirdly, Goldilocks was so tired after walking in the forest. She was going to explain herself but the Bears scared her so she ran away.

I hope I have convinced you that Goldilocks should have entered the Three Bear's house.

By Katie

Based on the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Do you think Jack should or shouldn't have climbed the beanstalk and entered the Giant's castle?

We've all heard of the story of Jack and the beanstalk, well Jack shouldn't of climbed the beanstalk being his was stealing, greedy and didn't ask permission.

Firstly, stealing is wrong! Stealing is against the law and people can get very angry when you steal from them.

Secondly, Jack was not thinking properly. Jack started getting selfish and greedy each time he  climbed the beanstalk.

Lastly, Jack should not have been in the castle anyway because it's someone else's house and he didn't have permission.

Jack shouldn't of climbed the beanstalk in the first place!

By Dylan

We all like fairytales like Jack and the beanstalk, I believe that shouldn't of climbed the beanstalk do you?

Firstly, Jack was stealing from the giant. Jack shouldn't of climbed the beanstalk because he stole the gold coins, the hen and harp and stealing is wrong.

Secondly, Jack is greedy. Jack thinks the giant had too much stuff in his castle so everyday he began to steal more.

Lastly, Jack promised not to steal things and when he did he chopped down the beanstalk and the giant fell down and died and that was all Jack's fault!

That's why Jack shouldn't of climbed the beanstalk because Jack stole the Giant's things, Jack was greedy and he caused the giants death.

By Kalush

I wanna be an animal

Monday, 9 June 2014

Animal Habitat Video

This term for science we are learning all about animals and their habitats. We have done a range of bus stop activities as an 'exposure' to the topic. Here is a video link that can help you learn more about animal habitats.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Homework Week 5 Speeches

Room 12
Week 5, Term 2
Homework is due on Friday
Speeches- YR 4

In class we have been looking at language features and the structure of how to write a persuasive speech. Last week you were asked to come up with your persuasive topic, this week you need to think of reasons why you feel the way you do about your topic and begin researching it so you can include facts to support your reasons. Once you have researched your reason you can start writing the draft copy of your speech.

Reminder:  Yr 4’s your speech will need to 1min 30secs.

Speeches- YR 3

In class we have been looking at language features and the structure of how to write a speech. Last week you were asked to come up with your topic, this week you need to research you topic and find interesting facts that you can include in your speech. Once you have researched your topic you can start writing the draft copy of your speech.

Reminder: Yr 3’s your speech will need to be 1min.

 Ready to write                                                              
·            Begin researching your topic
·            Select the most interesting material
·            Plan your notes, put them in some sort of order

 Now rip into writing                                                      

·            Write a strong introduction (include your topic, your opinion and a rhetorical question if you can)  
·            Develop the main ideas logically
·            Include examples
·            Keep it simple
·            Powerful conclusion

Don’t forget to read for at least 15 minutes a night.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Term 2- Swimming

Room 12 have had their first two swimming sessions with ' Field of dreams'. It's great to see the enthusiastic attitude that Room 12 have during these sessions. Thank you to all the parents that are helping with supervision during the 6 weeks of swimming :)

 Joshua, Emma and Brodi
 Ethan and Joshua
 Katy, Katie, Ngawini and Dylan

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Having fun in Week 11

 Monday- Brief development: Designing mini Rube Goldberg machines/

Tuesday- Learning all about ANZAC day. We each made a paper poppy for out class wreath.

Continued to create mini Goldberg machines in partners.

Wednesday- Dress up as a Super Hero to help support 'Sean' and to give our donations to the Child Cancer Foundation.

We also made Super Hero Comic Books 

Thursday-  Technology Show Case- Presenting out Mini Rube Goldberg Machines.